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A message from our members:

A message from Nate

Welcome! You are surrounded by others trying to navigate their way to more healing. This space is set up to provide context to what it means to heal from complex trauma from a survivor’s perspective. I’ve often found the ones who know similar pain, are the most helpful witnesses as you heal from yours. We model that here.

Registration opens in between each module. We do this so new members come in at the same time and everyone starts new topics together. We operate from the waitlist only and offer new spots when available. Make sure to check out the details below, and fill out an application to join the waitlist if this is the right fit for you.

The Breakdown

Community Membership Includes:

Recent topics include:
– A letter of gratitude to self
– Discovering what truth you would believe without traumas interruption.
– Our bodies (What they are trying to say and how we see them).
– Boundaries (Why they are hard to establish, but why we need them).
– How to take up space and not apologize for it.
– How to rest without thinking you have to earn it.
– When to say less (and why it protects you).
– Feeling misunderstood


Sliding scale: $19
Regular rate: $59

More details on the membership

The online community is a monthly membership where you can interact with other survivor stories in a private space and join Nate twice monthly for live Q&A calls. This space is moderated, closed to the public, and intentional about being as safe as possible.

We rotate the times for the Q&A calls to be accessible for as many time zones as possible. Our space has a lot of friends in other countries, especially the UK, Australia, and India.

The monthly calls will always be on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, and you’ll receive reminder emails leading up to them. Each session is 90 minutes long. Each session, we will select several questions (anonymous and public) and have open dialogue around complex topics. Graphic details will not be shared.

While subscribed, you will also have ongoing access to the recorded version of Healing the Younger You. Walking through this course can provide useful tools for working with your inner child.

We limit available spots and registration to not interrupt the flow of each month’s meetings. If you miss the registration deadline, join the waitlist and you will be notified when registration re-opens.

Who this community is for

This space will be beneficial for those who may have experienced:

It will also be beneficial for therapists, and coaches looking for a better understanding of their clients’ experience as well as to learn about inner child work.

This space will not be beneficial for those looking to address:

This space is not ideal for anyone needing 1:1 support or in crisis mode.

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These spots are limited and made available for those who would otherwise not be able to join. We look forward to welcoming you!

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We are currently full. In the Spring we will open up new spots for our regular rate ($59) and our sliding scale ($19). Click below to join the waitlist!

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Paying this rate sponsors one person to get sliding scale pricing of $19. Thank you!

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At this time our sliding scale spots are full. We estimate new availability in January of 2024.

Please note: These spots are only for those who cannot otherwise afford to join (especially single parents, those on disability, college students, and those in countries where the US price is out of reach.)

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