A Day of Compassionate Growth

One day workshop with Nate Postlethwait

This is a SMALL (approximately 12 people) private group.


Saturday, May 4th 2024


10am - 6pm


Rittenhouse Square (private space)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Physical address will be sent with registration confirmation


This is a one day workshop in a private setting with Nate Postlethwait.

Nate will draw from the work in his retreats and courses and apply them in real time with a small group.

We will cover:

What to bring:

We will take a 1 hour break for lunch. There are multiple eateries within walking distance. You can also order in and stay put at the workshop location.

Cost: $490

About Nate

In 2019, I started sharing my thoughts on social media on my healing from childhood trauma and cPTSD.

Those online spaces now host more than a half a million people who’ve helped create a community of untold stories, truths, hope.

Due to the context of my work, people often mistake me for a therapist or coach. But in fact, I am a writer. I am a survivor of child protective services, conversion therapy, misdiagnosis, and most categories of childhood trauma. I have spent nearly 30 years in therapy, most of which did more damage.

My words, my work, and what I offer are all from a survivor’s perspective. What I offer is my own framework that rescued me from my most difficult times—times when I struggled to believe I was worth the space I took up. My hope is to empower each survivor to be their best advocate for healing, growth and change.

You will often see reminders that I am not a therapist, not because I doubt therapy, but because I believe in trauma-informed therapy, and that is not what this is.

Whether it is my online community, a webinar, course, or workshop, the source material is always from my life experience.


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