Private Support Groups

with Nate Postlethwait

What are private support groups?

A private group to deep dive into inner child work and understand how what happened then is shaping much of your life now. Foundation Groups include weekly 1:1 coaching with Nate in a group setting while supporting/being supported by others doing similar work.

Check out what Nate’s clients have to say about his coaching:

We hold the keys to unlocking our past and freeing ourselves, and Nate’s coaching shows us where they are and how to access them. Inner child work with Nate was the most beneficial thing I’ve done in my life thus far.

He has helped me realize my potential and start living my life to its fullest.

L. Grant, DDS

Santa Barbara, CA

Being in a container of safety and support with Nate and other survivors helped me to lay down my pain and be seen in my childhood trauma. 

It’s allowed me to connect to parts of me that were neglected and suffering deeply. To have a space where I can show up in my truth of it all -while being held in the most care I’ve ever known has absolutely helped my recovery and healing. 

Stacey Violet

Alberta, Canada

Nate’s humble presence gave me what most survivors crave to receive – safety.

Just after a few sessions, I felt secure in sharing my truth as I knew it would be heard, acknowledged and validated. And that he did, all while holding my heart in highest regards.

Nate’s coaching is a leading example to what this world requires more of.



Nate is an incredible coach to work with. Through our weekly sessions, I was able to reach parts of myself that were previously inaccessible and do some deep healing. He made inner child work easy to understand and put it into a framework I can now apply to any part of my life. His kind, caring, and genuine nature make him easy to talk to, and during a session, you can tell he’s focused solely on you and what you need. I definitely recommend working with him!

Sheena Moore

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Coaching with Nate was absolutely life changing. His knowledge and understanding of the inner child is profound. For me, recognizing that there was this little girl inside of me that desperately needed me to see her and validate her experiences without shame or blame has made all the difference. I know what she has been carrying and she is no longer alone in holding all that pain. Nate’s inner child work through this process has allowed me to be able to truly take a deep breath and sit in peace for the first time in decades.

Bethany Sweet, MD

Olympia, WA

In the midst of doing deep trauma healing therapy I found Nate. I read his posts, and with each word I saw myself and my lived experience of the affects of my trauma. And then I saw the offer to do this Inner Child Work! I did not hesitate to get in on that, and I never looked back. Nate created a safe space for sharing, healing, supporting, and I reconnected and created more freedom with my inner brilliant, sparkly, creative, fun, cycle-breaking warrior! I am wonder and joy!

Karen Goldfinger Baker

Leadership Coach
Host of Trauma Hiders Club podcast
Cleveland, Ohio

I was a bit apprehensive about joining Nates group as I had not had positive experiences with any group or very few therapists. I am so thrilled I took the chance and joined Nates group. Immediately it was a safe space where we all connected on some level. Nate listens, asks poignant questions, supports and advises all while understanding where each individual stands. I have a deeper understanding of my trauma that my inner child experienced and how it has impacted my life. It has been an amazing transformational experience! I highly recommend participating in Nates group.

Nicole H

Retired Educator
Minneapolis, MN

Our wounded inner child shows up in our adult lives in ways that keep us stuck. Nate’s coaching provides a framework to reintegrate those parts of ourselves that have remained afraid. This work helped me to see and reconnect with my inner child so that I could see her trauma, pain and fear and offer the safety and relief she/I need. I am forever changed

Michele Wilson

Healthcare Administrator
Dayton, Ohio

The inner child/younger self work I did with Nate moved me beyond cognitive awareness of long held shame and unhealthy patterns of relating, and shifted me to an experiential connection with the most wounded parts of myself. As a result, I was finally able to access compassion for the younger versions of myself, who I despised and harshly judged. To come to a place of warmth, freedom, trust and peace for myself has carried me from a state of emotional drowning to a space of healing. This has been powerful, life changing, and invaluable to me.

Rachel Croteau, DO

New Hampshire

After taking the Healing the Younger You course I knew I was on a new leg of my journey that seemed to be bringing together/organizing decades of therapy—it was like this work of offering relief to this disparate parts of my younger selves was the missing piece of the puzzle that made everything make so much more sense to me. I was so grateful to be able to deepen this work through Nate’s group coaching. Nate’s kind, compassionate guidance helped me see parts of myself that were so hurting and longing for the perfect person (ME!!) to rescue them and offer them so much relief/kindness. An unexpected beautiful part of the group coaching was finding connection and true community & friendship with other survivors – this has had a lasting impact on me that I know I’ll take with me throughout my life. 

Josh H.

Mortgage Banker

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