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Holiday Survival Part 2

“The holidays are so challenging for us. Gradually over the years I have pulled away from many in my life. I now spend most of my time alone. I will be alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year as I was last year and the year before. It is

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A Holiday Survival Guide

First, I want to express my gratitude that I am writing this to people who understand the need for a survival guide to get through the holidays.  Second, I want to affirm those who have beautiful traditions and look forward to holidays. You building on old memories is beautiful! This

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For Those Who Know Grief

One of the most sobering experiences I have had on social media has been finding people who connect with thoughts that are typically not safe to speak of. I have seen many share stories of extensive pain and be comforted by others who not only respect the bravery in what

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“What Makes You a Burden?”

***Trigger warning: In these pieces, I write freely. There will be things that can be triggering to someone who has similar trauma. Please read with caution. I’ve been practicing yoga for about six years. When I first began, I took one on one lessons because if someone would have said

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Anxiety and Euphoria

***Trigger warning: Discussions of claustrophobia and childhood trauma “Just breathe.” Ugh. What does that even mean? Do I breathe through my mouth and exhale through my nose? Do I hold my breath at the top for three seconds then blow out with pursed lips? Do I find as many memes

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Who is Apologizing?

It takes a lot of work to unravel the part of us that feels apologetic. Those apologies can be as simple as needing help, and asking for it, or as deep as feeling like who we are is a burden. I want to share a couple things that I have

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