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Why am I so judgmental?

On Tuesdays I answer questions on Instagram stories. I wanted to share my answer to a recent question I received: “As a childhood trauma survivor I find myself highly critical of others. Any suggestions?” Several years ago I bought a home that needed to be remodeled. It was a condo

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I Could Use Somebody

I’ve been roamin’ around, always lookin’ down at all I seePainted faces fill the places I can’t reachYou know that I could use somebody These are the lyrics from the Kings of Leon hit “I could Use Somebody.” An artist named Lachune slowed it down and sang her own version,

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Do you know traffic patterns?

Today, I am leaving the gym and headed for the grocery store to grab two things I left off my list just yesterday. It’s a gray day in Philly. I am speed walking to escape the rain, but not running because the workout just reminded my legs that I haven’t

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The Epidemic of Loneliness

I am sitting in the corner chair of my living room with the window cracked open. It’s a gray day, so I have candles lit to create as much comfort for myself as I write about loneliness. I hope by the end of this blog, I have found clarity over

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Holiday Survival Part 2

“The holidays are so challenging for us. Gradually over the years I have pulled away from many in my life. I now spend most of my time alone. I will be alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas again this year as I was last year and the year before. It is

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